Act I - The Witch


Compositor: Bianca Giovanella / Everton Soares Manso

Why deny me shelter?
Senseless act of cruelty

Oh foolish soul

Black magic cast
The inner beast will be revealed
With its greed

Slaved to this rose (withering)

Life, you will live
Look into your heart
You must find love
Then you’ll understand
What matters in this

The spell will be released
Will someone see?

Some beauty in the beast?
Only the true love, will break
This witchery!

Witch! Witch! No, no, no!

Your life is now confused and grey
You're not responsible for your actions
His body, his reactions

Pride blinded
Imprisoned in the castle
Illusory and filthy?

Great walls barring him
Iron gates isolating
From everything and everyone

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